Installing Brother DCP-J41100W Scanner under Fedora 28 Linux

After upgrading from Fedora 28 the scanner was not working anymore. Here some hints to fix this:
1. Download the Driver Install Tool from the Brother Support Webpage
2. Run the install script

(in my case I specified a Device URI and entered the IP adress)
3. Install libnsl by running

4. The scanner should now work. You can check this by running

. It should be listed

Unzip all bz2 files

The backup program storeBackup saves some files in the bz2 format. The following command makes such folders usable.

Piwik Upgrade

It is not possible to upgrade an old instance of piwik to the latest version in one step.

I took the following steps:
– 0.9 -> 1.0
– 1.0 -> 2.0
– 2.0 -> 2.14
– 2.14 -> 2.17
– 2.17 -> 3.0

Everytime all files except for config/config.ini need to be deleted.

Solr setup full-text search in 5 minutes

  1. Download the latest version of solr (Solr 6.5.1)
  2. Unpack it and go into the bin directory
  3. Start it up by executing:
  4. Initialize the configuration by executing:
  5. Index your files by executing:
  6. Open the web browser and start Searching

At this point it is basically already working.

I prefer to do some more optimizations:

  1. Open server/solr/files/conf/velocity/head.vm and remove the css .result-document:hover. This gets rid of the annoying zoom effect when hovering search results
  2. Open server/solr/files/conf/velocity/hit.vm and replace


    This adds a link for each result to directly open the file. (as the link is local, you need to install the firefox extension local_filesystem_links).

Convert EML to PDF

On git hub a project can be found that does exactly that: eml-to-pdf-convertere.

The program can be used as follows: