Linux add native resolution for external monitor

First you need to check the list of supported modes. When running the command

it shows me (for my netbook with external monitor) two displays: LVDS1 and VGA1. VGA1 is the external monitor but xrandr doesn't recognize it's native resolution.

We can generate the mode we want to add with the following command:

The output should be Modeline and then some text. We create the new mode with the following command:

The last step is to associate it with the display:

Now you should be able to select the correct resolution for the external monitor

Gnome 3 Tricks

remove elements from panels in fallback mode

Just hold the alt key while doing a right click on the element. This will show you the Remove from Panel option.

Nautilus Exit Fullscreen Mode

Just press Alt + F7 and move you mouse. This will reset the window to the normalized state

Drupal and SVN Repository conflicts

If you happen to maintain your webpage with Drupal and also host a SVN-Repository on the very same host you can run into trouble. Just try to commit a file starting with a period (for example a project file from eclipse: .project). It will give you an error "access denied for unknown reason". The solution is quite simple. There is a rule in the .htaccess file from Drupal which denies access to files starting with a period. You can either delete this rule or restrict it to only apply for the drupal part of the page.