Mount dm-crypt/LUKS encrypted filesystem and rewrite Grub Bootloader

If Linux (after an update) doesn’t boot up anymore it might be necessary to boot into the installation using some distribution which can be booted from a cd/usb-drive (p. x. Ubuntu). The first step would then be to load the encrypted installation and maybe to rewrite the grub bootloader. The following commands can be used to do so:

Repair defect video files

I have a DS1511+ which supports DLNA/UPnP and acts as a server. On the other side I have a blueray player Sony BDP-S480 as receiver. This setup enables me to watch movies from the Diskstation on the television. But sometimes it would start playing a movie but after a while it would just stop. I check some files and found out that they were defect. Here are some commands that can be used to fix them:

Checking a file file.avi. This does only check the file but does not fix any error

Does check and repair the header of file infile.avi and writes the output to outfile.avi. This does not repair single frames

Does encode the file input.avi using the x264 Video codec and writes the output to output.mp4. This does write both a valid header and valid frames

ElecFreaks JoyStick Game Kit

There is a Tutorial how to prepare it. In the tutorial there is a link to a library which can be used for the Nokia 5110 LCD display. However for me it did not work. I tried to run the code in the Arduino IDE (v. 1.0.1). It didn’t compile.

Fix the broken library

The reason was that it didn’t find the wProgramm.h Header and it lacked the Arduino.h header. I prepared a version of it which works. If you are running linux you can save it (the contained folder) into /home/yourusername/sketchbook/libraries/. Now in the Arduino IDE you should have an entry NokiaLCD5110 under Sketch/Import Library/.

Upload the programm to the Freeduino v1.2

The kit I bought included a Freeduino v1.2. It is 100% compatible to an Arduino but it cannot be programmed if you chose the Arduino Uno board. You need to change it to Arduino Nano w/ ATmega328 under Tools/Board.