DevArt Bulk Data Insertion into an Oracle Database

There are some possibilities to bulk insert data. For my tests I inserted 1’500 rows containing some strings. Use the Context: 50 seconds Use ArrayBinding: 43 seconds Use the OracleLoader class: 14 seconds It seems that the OracleLoader is the fastes way to do this. ArrayBinding: private void TestArrayBindingInsert(Context context) { const string connectionString = […]

Drupal PHP Fatal error Call to a member function getElementsByTagName()

I suddenly started getting the following error: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on a non-object in public_html/drupal/modules/filter/filter.module on line 1122 I checked what there is on line 1122. I could clearly see that the error needs to happen because $body_node was null. For a quick fix I just implemented a null […]