Another Android Income Report #01

I started to experiment with the android market aka Google Play Store. I wanted to see if I could generate some income. Just for fun. I have a job so no need to earn money with android apps :D.

The first day I integrated AdMob advertisements was the 13. March. So how much did I made until 13. of April?

Impressions: ~ 32’000
Fill Rate: ~ 98.27 %
Revenue ~ 15.50 $

I published the following apps:
– Daily Horoscope, on 13. March, now has 4900 installs, 26 % active
– Zodiac Love Test, on 14. March, now has 5000 installs, 42 % active
– Schweizer Kantone, on 2. April, now has 158 installs, 81 % active
– Love Test Touch, on 4. April, now has 224 installs, 33 % active
– Sternzeichen Eigenschaften, on 7. April, now has 40 installs, 64 % active
– Brain Concentration, on 7.April, now has 140 installs, 60% active

You can check them out here:

What are my observations:
– You should always have a look at the ratio between Daily user installs and daily user uninstalls because it is a much better metric than the install count alone.
– Even if the application has potential the downloads might at the start just increase very little but it might accelerate quite fast. This was especially true for my Zodiac Love Test App. I released it on the 14. March. Two weeks later on the 28. March it had only 87 downloads but then it started to accelerate fast. Now it gets about 200 to 500 downloads every day!
– The name of the app is the most important part. After I changed the name ZodiacGuide to Daily Horoscope it got a lot more downloads
– Graphics matter a lot too. After I updated the ZodiacSigns in Daily Horoscope and Zodiac Love Tests they got a lot more downloads
– Selling apps is not worth the effort (if you have only small apps). I tried it (prize 1$) with Love Test Zodiac but I didn’t get a single download in two weeks, then I stopped
– Impressions and Clicks are quite constant. As I doubled the impressions it did also double the revenue.
– Most of my apps support english and german. About 80% of my users are people from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. This is probably due to the fact that german is “kind of” (acutally it would be swiss german) my native language. I guess my description and the selection of keywords is better for german than for english.

The development of my revenue was also quite interesting. I made 50 % of it in the last 5 days. My current daily income is about 1.5 to 2.00 $.

Next Steps:
I do not have a lot of time to further develop the apps. But I’ll try to improve some edges and try to go for an income of 90 $ in the next 30 days. If my calculations are correct this means that I need about 120’000 impressions.

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