ArchLinux doesn’t boot anymore after updating to Gnome 3.8 – Intel Graphics

Yesterday I updated my system to Gnome 3.8. Unfortunately I was not able to boot it anymore. I would only see the boot manager but then It would just hang with a black screen. Switching to a console (Ctrl + Alt + F2) didn’t work.

First of all you need to be able to work with your system. The easiest way to achieve that is starting it with runlevel 1.

Press the power button and wait until you see your bootmanager. For Gnome you can press "e". You are then in an editor where you can see what exactly gets executed if you boot the entry. To start the kernel with runlevel 1 you just need to add a "1" at the end of the line which starts with "linux".

linux   /vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=3898b8e4-7e28-4652-9eab-39f3eb12b72c ro  quiet 1

After you press Ctrl + X your kernel boots in maintanance mode. This is only temporary. If you shut the system down and start it again it will start the same way as always. You can login with the root account.

Now cd into the directory “/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d”. You need to create a file 20-intel.conf with the following content:

Section "Device"
   Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
   Driver      "intel"
   Option "NoAccel" "True"

This does disable the hardware acceleration. After that I was able to boot my system again.

But be aware that the performance is degraded! This is only a temporary fix until a new version of the driver/gnome is released which doesn’t have that problem anymore. So if new updates arrive try to delete the file from time to time and check if it does now work

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