Enhanced XSPF Player breaks when upgrading cmsmadesimple to 1.9.0

The player fails because of the update of the Uploads module and some missing includes. A fix is quite easy:

  1. Open modules/EnhancedXSPF/action.admin_edit_playlist.php in a texteditor. You need to change the line 101 from

    $filelist = array_merge($filelist, $uploads->getFileList($category));


    $filelist = array_merge($filelist, $uploads->get_category_file_list($category));

    Now you should be able to edit the playlists again.

  2. There is still another problem left. The playlist is not generated. To fix this issue open up modules/EnhancedXSPF/playlist.xml.php in a texteditor. You need to insert another include. You can insert the following line:


    just after line 20 (where adodb is included)

The player should work the same as before after applying these fixes

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