Mount Amazon S3 on Fedora 24

There is no package that is ready to be installed. You need to download and compile the code yourself. First you need to install some development libraries. Execute the following commands:

sudo dnf install fuse-devel libcurl-devel libxml2-devel
git clone
cd s3fs-fuse
sudo make install

Then you need to create the directory where you want to mount your bucket:

sudo mkdir /mnt/mybucket

Now you need to prepare your credentials. The AwsAccessKeyId as well as the AwsSecretAccessKey is needed:

echo myAwsAccessKeyId:AwsSecretAccessKey > /home/myuser/.credentials_s3fs
chmod 600 /home/myuser/.credentials_s3fs

Now you can mount your bucket:

s3fs mybucketname /mnt/mybucket -o passwd_file=/home/myuser/.credentials_s3fs -o umask=000

Unfortunately if something goes wrong (for example wrong credentials) it doesn’t show you a error message. The folder is just empty. In such a case you can run the debug mode of the command to see more clearly what is going on:

s3fs mybucketname /mnt/mybucket -o passwd_file=/home/myuser/.credentials_s3fs -d -d -f -o f2 -o curldbg

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