Drupal PHP Fatal error Call to a member function getElementsByTagName()

I suddenly started getting the following error: PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getElementsByTagName() on a non-object in public_html/drupal/modules/filter/filter.module on line 1122 I checked what there is on line 1122. I could clearly see that the error needs to happen because $body_node was null. For a quick fix I just implemented a null […]

Fix Guestbook in cmsmadesimple

The guestbook module of cmsmadesimple has the bad habit of showing the following error message after updates: Call to undefined function nl2pnbr(). The fix is quite easy. Just open the filemodules/Guestbook/action.get-entrylist.php in a texteditor and replace the line $entry['message'] = nl2pnbr($entry['message']); with the line $entry['message'] = nl2br($entry['message']); After that it works just fine.

Enhanced XSPF Player breaks when upgrading cmsmadesimple to 1.9.0

The player fails because of the update of the Uploads module and some missing includes. A fix is quite easy: Open modules/EnhancedXSPF/action.admin_edit_playlist.php in a texteditor. You need to change the line 101 from $filelist = array_merge($filelist, $uploads->getFileList($category)); to $filelist = array_merge($filelist, $uploads->get_category_file_list($category)); Now you should be able to edit the playlists again. There is still […]